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I have been a photographer for over thirty-five years, and I have been a photographer in Alabama since 1997. My initial training in photography was in the U.S. Army, where I learned to be flexible and efficient. I also worked for the federal government for twenty-one years in Las Vegas, Nevada, as an aerial photographer and photo lab technician learning how to do my own processing and printing. In 1997 when I moved to Alabama, I began to study and learn the art of photography in Alabama, in particular that of portrait photography.

My latest experience as a portrait photographer, I have specialized in children portraits and family portraits. Since 1997, I have diversified into several other areas of photography as well: wedding photography, reunions photography, senior portrait photography, dance troupe photography, sports team photography, and a variety of other group photography and special event photography. I love people, and I work hard to ensure that my customers are satisfied.

Photography Services in Alabama I Provide:

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